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oliferate through so▓cial media, with hashtags and through opinion influencers."Science fiction from China, which is highly literary, has a lot of momentum in ▓digital culture, especially now that it is coming out in movie form such as The Wandering Earth▓, he noted.He said Liu Cixin's fictional wo▓rlds, such as the one in the Three Body Problem, point to the past history and culture, and▓ invite readers to explore further.Similarly, g

  • sses linguistic and cultural barr▓iers. When you can see this commonality, you are less likely to
  • dehumanize someone from another culture with stereotypes and prejudic
  • e, and this cou▓ld help diminish a lot of hatred and violence,"

amers m▓ay encounter The Three Kingdoms, a 14th-century histor▓ical novel considered as one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature, in the form of a game, and it and other novels in the form of fan fiction, he said."I don't know how much fan fiction can lead readers back to gr▓eat original literary works, but we can explore the possibilities," he said. "The motivation or rat

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